L.I.S.J LTD certified Services

L.I.S.J LTD specializes in bringing soft commodities from producers and exporters all over the world to distributors, importers, retailers and food processing companies, both national and international. Because of L.I.S.J LTD central place in the supply chain, our traders are in constant communication with a vast number of collectors, packers and exporters. Through years of experience and great market insight, we are able to advise our clients to make the right decision for their organization and offer them the highest quality products, at the best possible price, with the highest possible service level.


What we can offer you:

Ex-warehouse or forward selling
Both large and small quantities
rrangement of delivery


Global food market prices are constantly changing due to factors such as currency fluctuation, raw material availability and internal market consumption. Our capacity to track these factors is one of our advantages that help you reach your targets and demands. Because we keep sourcing new companies, products and markets.


We ensure that the supply process is masterfully arranged, so that the goods can be produced and shipped according to the customers’ needs. Our procurement strategy gives us competitive edge about prices and service levels.


Special agreements with large food manufacturers allows us to offer you a cost-effective option where you can gain access to a range of products produced in large quantities without brining you extra production or design costs.